Community Pubs are one of Britain’s oldest and most popular institutions. Crucially, pubs are more than just private business selling alcohol. Pubs play an important role at the heart of their local communities.

Why do Pubs matter?

Pubs are a meeting place

Pubs promote interactions between people from different walks of life

Pubs help provide broadband and internet access

Pubs are a focal point for community events

Pubs provide a ‘Social return on investment’

That is why at Amber Taverns we actively encourage our Operators to play a key role within the community. In 2019 several of our pubs helped to provide donations to local food banks across the UK. During World Gin Day we introduced ’The Big Bean Swop’. Customers were able to swop a tin of beans for a free drink. The tins of beans and other food goods were then donated to local food banks.